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Pain is usually categorized under moderate, severe, chronic and acute and it is necessary that any med which is prescribed must be as per the severity of the pain.
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At One Love Orthodontics, our mission is to provide our patients with the best care and service while building a relationship founded on mutual trust and understanding. One Love Orthodontics is for patients who won’t compromise care, comfort or quality.
Wearing a tuxedo at the hospital???

Check out Dad's latest visit to BC women Hospital.

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Even if your child has no dental issues, still Orthodontist dental coverage is a must. Kids are often careless about their eating habits and so they end up with dental issues very often. During young childhood, toothache and cavities are common problems.
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When a person is having pain, it becomes necessary that one does seek medical help to get the pain treated in an effective manner.
Orthodontics is a quintessential branch of dentistry. It is involved with the occlusions, alignment, and straightening of teeth, the bite function, and the related aesthetic aspects. Correction of malpositioned jaws and teeth is involved in Orthodontics.
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Having poor sleep does have negative effects on your health and your mental health. At times the uneven sleep pattern also does affect your weight and hence one must look properly if they have a sleeping disorder.
Yoga is spiritual, mental and physical discipline having dozens of practices and goals. Yoga is simply described as a disciplined method of controlling mind, body and best approach to attaining a goal. Which are the best yoga poses to lose weight? Is yoga helps to lose weight quickly. Simple Yoga Postures to lose weight.

DDNMRC – The best nuclear medicine therapy and diagnostic imaging center in Kerala. It offers PET/CT scanner, SPECT/CT Gamma camera, pain palliation therapy services near Trivandrum Medical College & RCC. DDNMRC has an excellent & well-experienced management team. The best radiology laboratory services, nuclear medicine & radiation therapy centre in Kerala. They offer effective cancer diagnosis m

Hello, beautiful ones! Posting my first vlog on Christmas Day. It took me so long to edit it. I hope you will enjoy it. My day was action-packed with things like taking care of my babies, cooking, business, and fitness.



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